Why should Americans go to college?

We go to college so that we can get a better than average job.

Meanwhile, our businesses have sent our best paying jobs to:

Since the 1970’s when the data first started being kept, our businesses have either sent to other countries or eliminated 9,008,108 of our best paying jobs which has made it nearly impossible for you to work your way up the ladder at these businesses.

At the same time, our businesses, and our government agencies have imported the following number of visa holders to take our remaining best paying jobs.

  • 2018 – 9,028,026
  • 2019 – 8,742,068
  • 2020 – 4,013,210
  • 2021 – 2,792,083
  • 2022 – 6,815,120

A summary showing those numbers can be viewed by clicking here.

A detailed view showing what types of visas were used can be viewed by clicking here.

None of our political representatives that are currently working to get illegal immigrants work permits, will ask the question of how many jobs do we create each year.

According to our total nonfarm payroll data, we had 34,174,000 jobs in 1940 and we 156,149,000 in 2023.

This works out to 1,486,630 jobs per year on average.

For a better understanding of how many new jobs were created during our most recent years, and which type of jobs were being pursued by foreign born workers on select visa types, click on each of the following:

To add insult to injury, in 2007 we began tracking this data by Foreign Born and Native Born.

As of April 2024, Foreign Born was 18.9% of the total workforce.

Yet they have received 52.9% of all new jobs created since 2007.

Are you beginning to understand why you can no longer find a good paying job to work your way up the ladder?

You can view the latest summary by clicking here.

When private industry will not hire Americans in America, a good place to turn to is the very university that you went to school at.

Are they hiring foreign born workers or american workers?

Click here to view any H-1B visa application filed by a university.

Are you beginning to understand why our kids are not being taught our American beliefs when they go to college?

Click here to view any H-1B visa application filed by a private employer to supply workers to a university.

The best paying jobs in America can be found at our large corporations, and our state and federal government agencies.

When state government agencies in your state hire directly, or through contractors like infosys, hcl, tata, etc., that eliminates available jobs for you to work your way up the ladder into a better paying and more prosperous future.

Most state agencies are doing this which is depriving you of a prosperous future should you choose to strive for it.

And they are using your money to destroy your future with.



In a previous post Zerohedge said American workers have received no new jobs since mid 2018, now they say we need more legal guest workers?


Now in an argument against illegal immigrants, they are arguing for more innovators via nonimmigrant guest worker visas like the H-1B visa.

According to a 2023 National Bureau of Economic Research paper (Working Paper 31086, “Measuring the Characteristics and Employment Dynamics of U.S. Inventors”), the majority of innovation in America is driven by white and Asian (including Indian) individuals.

The paper estimates that 96.5 percent of U.S. inventors were white or Asian as of 2016.

The question remains: Why are we allowing our borders to be overrun by illegal immigrants when we need controlled and tactical immigration to pay into our depleted social systems and kick-start the next wave of innovation?

Why would the United States prohibit valuable workers from becoming American citizens while on work visas yet entice unskilled and impoverished workers to enter the country and stay illegally?

These unanswered questions only add fuel to the fires of conspiracy and intrigue.

Giving priority to visas for highly skilled workers will not only strengthen our domestic initiatives but also stimulate innovation and bolster economic growth. It is beyond puzzling that the United States of America continues to welcome unskilled workers when our nation’s prosperity hinges on innovation and skilled labor. The Democratic Party’s reluctance to use the term “illegal immigrants,” echoed by figures such as Nikki Haley, is equally confusing. As Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rightly pointed out, coming to this country illegally is illegal.

We need to fast-track immigrants who are likely to innovate and create wealth instead of prioritizing low-skilled workers.



If importing legal nonimmigrant guest workers really created jobs here at home in America, why haven’t Americans received any of the new jobs created since mid 2018 as they state above?

The answer isn’t really that simple because they are inaccurate in that statement.

I analyze those numbers monthly and have found a direct link to the labor force participation rate and I show how when native born Americans decrease in percentage points in the workforce, the labor force participation rate declines by the same percentage.

You can find my work at https://version8.guestworkervisas.com/tablea7.php

To summarize that data, please review the 3 pie charts I am posting here, or click on the link above.

2023 H-1B Applications

All applications through quarter 3.

2023 H-1B

Harlandale ISD

Harlandale ISD school board approves hiring of international educators through H-1B visa program

A unanimous vote occurred on Sept. 18; district plans to hire ‘as soon as possible’


Somebody sent me this link about harlandale hiring H-1B’s.


So I sent the following email to the author along with these 3 pictures.


To study the damage that they are doing to the future of their citizens, study 3 years of data that I have included in this email.
You are looking for 25-0000 Educational Instruction and Library Occupations.
If the pictures do not come through, let me know and I will send you the link to the original studies.
To understand what I’m talking about, now look at 15-0000 Computer and Mathematical Occupations.
Feel free to share with the school board.
Virgil Bierschwale

2022 H-1B Applications

2022 H-1B

1997 OES