Help support my work

I’m a ole navy vet with decades of experience that can’t buy an interview in software anymore.

So I spend my time exposing things in what I call the H-1B Scam, and even with PPP loans.

No jobs means no income other than my early social security of $1,300 per month which doesn’t pay the bills.

If you find value in what I do and would like to help support my work, you can do so via the following link.

If you’re a typical small business and you’re having computer problems and you’re tired of calling somebody in another country that you can’t understand, send me a email to and I can probably fix it for you using something Microsoft has called Quick Assist as it allows me to connect to your computer from my computer.

I get $20.00 for a call that lasts less than a hour, and I won’t charge you if I can’t fix it.

My resume can be viewed by clicking here if you have need of somebody with my skills.

And Thank You,