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STEM Workers United

When you water your neighbors plants and neglect yours, what happens?

They turn to weeds or die, don't they?

Isn't that what we are doing with these guest worker programs to our own citizens when we have more workers than we do jobs?

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Americans Are Being Harmed By The Use Of Non-Immigrant Guest Workers and the Offshoring Of Our Best Paying Jobs.

You will be told that NO Americans Are Being Harmed

Why Don't You Be The Judge Of That?

And if you have been harmed by this, you really need to tell your story because it will only change when the public realizes it could happen to them as well.

Canadians are being Harmed as well as I show here, and I hear the same is happening in Australia but I haven't seen any videos on it yet, so if you know of them, send them to me at

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