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When you water your neighbors plants and neglect yours, what happens?

They turn to weeds or die, don't they?

Isn't that what we are doing with these guest worker programs to our own citizens when we have more workers than we do jobs?

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People ask me why I ran for Senator against Cornyn When I didn't Stand A Chance.

To understand why, you really need to read the page titled Are we creating enough jobs for our citizens?

If there is not enough data there to convince you, let me know at and I will add more years.

The final score was 1,470,669 for Cornyn and 20,494 for ole Virgil.

Texas has a population of about 29 million.

Texas has about 17 million registered voters.

Do you realize how easy it would have been to defeat Cornyn if you had voted for your families future instead of Cornyns future?

Would I do it again?

In a heartbeat if I knew 3 million people would vote for me, and / or help spread the word.

It really is this simple.

Cornyns Future, or your families future!

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