Guest Worker Visas

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STEM Workers United

When you water your neighbors plants and neglect yours, what happens?

They turn to weeds or die, don't they?

Isn't that what we are doing with these guest worker programs to our own citizens when we have more workers than we do jobs?

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Organizational H-1B Junkies using your tax money to hire non-immigrant guest workers

instead of giving your family the opportunity to work your way up the ladder of life.

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A.D.L., Inc.I-200-20302-8909393200 Providence DriveAnchorageAK99508(1907) 212-5806CHRISTINE.CLARK@PROVIDENCE.ORG
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumI-200-20365-9843274000 Ambassador DriveAnchorageAK99508(1907)
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumI-200-20365-9844144000 Ambassador DriveAnchorageAK99508(1907)
Alaska Native Tribal Health ConsortiumI-200-21020-0231114000 Ambassador DriveAnchorageAK99508(1907)
Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center, Inc.I-200-21147-3502644951 Business Park Blvd.AnchorageAK99503(1907)
Anchorage School DistrictI-200-21067-1283435530 E Northern Lights BlvdAnchorageAK99504(1907)
Commmunity Connections I-203-20323-918740721 Stedman Street KetchikanAK99901(1907)
Providence Health & Services - WashingtonI-200-21012-0082541801 Lind Ave SW, Pariseau Building2nd FloorRentonWA98057(1425)

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