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When you water your neighbors plants and neglect yours, what happens?

They turn to weeds or die, don't they?

Isn't that what we are doing with these guest worker programs to our own citizens when we have more workers than we do jobs?

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Why Does It Matter?

If you are comfortable with where you are at in life, it might not matter to you.

But if you are struggling to pay your bills and you want to get a education (doesn't have to be a school based as it is possible to learn in other ways) so you can do better in life, it does.

Look at it as rungs on a ladder.

At the lowest level, we have these jobs where the majority of americans work as you can tell by the employment numbers.

Occupation Number Employed Annual Salary (Median) Weekly Pay Hourly Pay H-1B H-2A H-2B PERM
Food Preparation and Serving 11,262,850 $25,500 $490.38 $12.26 37 4 1001 1,515
Personal Care and Service 2,696,340 $28,120 $540.77 $13.52 35 2 547 466
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry 478,770 $29,670 $570.58 $14.26 49 13,340 267 297
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance 4,090,370 $29,940 $575.77 $14.40 9 8 4,226 1,611
Healthcare Support 6,440,880 $29,960 $576.15 $14.40 8 0 8 624
Sales and Related 13,120,320 $31,500 $605.77 $15.14 2,166 0 80 1,170
Transportation and Material Moving 12,163,360 $34,080 $655.39 $16.38 73 86 269 1,140
Production Occupations 8,519,410 $37,440 $720.00 $18.00 27 7 286 1,412
Office and Administrative Support 18,548,360 $38,720 $744.62 $18.62 235 1 97 1,222

At 77,320,660 people, this is essentially half of all American Workers.

For most of my life, it was possible to acquire the skills to climb above that first rung onto the second rung and onto the third rung!

Employers valued that you could do the job, and didn't care whether you had a formal education or not.

Many of you are thinking those numbers in the right hand columns are so small that they can easily be absorbed into the large number of workers.

And you may be right at this point, but my reason for including them is so that you will realize that this trickle will soon turn into the tidal wave that is happening in our best paying jobs

I pulled these numbers from the 3rd Qtr file for 2021.

I also have a 2nd Qtr file for 2021.

There is a good possibility that those numbers will double if I should add the 2nd Qtr, but at this point I don't know the answer to that

Stay Tuned, More to come as I get it done

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